GDG Tarragona recap 2012 and the future events

GDG Tarragona is one of the youngest GDGs in Spain. Our first event was the Reus Google I/O Extended where 120 developers joined together to share the Google I/O live conferences and they could share experiences and knowledge in workshops in a two-day event.

Along the year we made a Coding Dojo in 4-day sessions called Autumn Code Labs. The Autumn Code Labs' aim was to create a common Android application that was done in a guided way. Those sessions were oriented to developers without expertise in the Android platform but with advanced developing skills. In the four-day sessions participated an amount of  43 developers.

GDG Tarragona was also present in the organization of three big events at the end of 2012 and begining of 2013: Reus Cloud & Mobility (cloud technologies with 86 assistants), Tarragona Casal x Nadal (smartcities knowledge sharing days in a four-day workshops with 125 assistants) and FIBO (e-comerce workshop with Google Technologies involving 349 developers).

We also were involved in the organization of GDG DevFest Barcelona. It had 1 keynote, 14 conferences, 3 codelabs, 3 GDGs organizing (Vigo, Tarragona and Barcelona) and almost 320 attendees which made the GDG DevFest our most successful event so far. Besides being a great event, it also gave us a renovated vigor: potential speakers approached us, new ideas appeared and in no time things went crazy! GDG DevFest Barcelona was the first event where some GDGs worked together in Spain and it was amazing!

To sum up, 1043 developers took part in the GDG Tarragona events (320 GDG DevFest Barcelona) during the year 2012 and January 2013. This is a great number of people in only 6 month-activities and we are very happy to achive this participation in our 10 events.
But what about the GDG future? We think that it will be amazing. We are planning HTML5 and CSS3 sessions, Chrome applications, Android ADK workshops, and App Engine and Chrome extensions talks in the closed future. We also have in mind the Google I/O 2013 and we are working with lots of new ideas for the most important events of the present year.


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